The best fitting gumshield for you.

Location: Durham Uni

Date: Tues 24th Sept

Time: 10am – 4pm

Price: NPRO £54 (down from £60)

Price: Elite £72 (down from £80)

Duration: Scans take 5 minutes

Delivery: 7 working days

Register for an Impact 3D printed custom fit gumshield.

*We will email you a payment link 48hrs before the scanning day

** If the person being scanned has a permanent brace can you please inform to discuss the available options

Key Benefits

The world’s first 3D printed custom fit gumshield

A wide range of colours are available to choose from

Gumshields are suitable for all ages and sports

The best fitting gumshield on the market

Doesn’t affect athletes speech or performance

Up to 20% more protection than rival custom fit gumshields

How It Works

1. We will be there during the registration week with our scanning team

2. Each scan takes less than 5 mins per individual

3. We 3D print each custom fit gumshield

4. The Gumshields will be returned 7 workings days later

5. The price is only £54 including the scan

Recent Clients

St Michaels


Fiji Rugby

Fiji Rugby


Leinster Rugby

Rugby Players Ireland

Rugby Players Ireland

Blackrock College

Blackrock College

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