The best fitting gumshield for you.

Introducing the world’s first 3D printed custom fit gumshield

Our Gumshield

impact gumshield
The best fitting gumshield on the market
Each 3D scan only takes 5 minutes.
impact gumshield
20% more protection* than rival custom fit gumshields
Only €60/£60 including your 3D scan
Doesn’t affect athletes speech or performance
Gumshields suitable for all ages and sports
impact gumshield
No more putty or scalding your gums with boiling water
The preferred choice for many professionals

* Impact absorption testing carried out independently by AIT (Athlone Institute of Technology) versus other leading suppliers of custom fit gumshields in accordance with the American Dental Association standards.

Customised Gumshields to suit your preference


Suitable for ages 6+
Incorporates our Smart Flex technology
Optimised for all contact sports
Best fit guaranteed – No chewing
Personalised Initials on the gumshield


Price excludes P&P


Additional protection for participants of stick based or combat sports
Recommended for people with previous dental injuries
Incorporates our Smart Flex technology
Best fit guaranteed – No chewing
Personalised Initials on the gumshield


Price excludes P&P


Suitable for ages aged 14+
Optimised for all contact sports
Gumshield contoured to the inside of an individual’s teeth, which allows for optimal breathing and speech
Best fit guaranteed – No chewing
As worn by professional rugby, hockey and County GAA players


Price excludes P&P


For permanent braces
Incorporates our smart flex technology
Optimised for all contact sports
Best fit guaranteed – No chewing
Personalised Initials on the gumshield


Price excludes P&P

** Group discounts available on request

Are you a School or Club?

We will visit your school or club
We handle registration & payment online**
Scans takes less than 5 mins per individual
The gumshield is 3D printed in our lab
Your gumshield is shipped in 7-10 working days
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Our Clients

Our Technology

Developed over a 3-year period, thousands of testing hours and hundreds of design iterations we have strived to make the best fitting and most protective gumshield for your chosen sport. We are constantly improving our bespoke software and 3D printing technology to give you the best product possible.

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Thanks for getting me sorted on such short notice guys. Got scanned and made up in a couple of hours. Fits perfectly!

Rory O'LoughlinLeinster

My sons now keep their gumshields in their mouth on the pitch. I can't believe how well they fit them. No more gumshield dramas in our house!! Colours are great too.

Valerie Troy

Oh my god my Gumshields just came in thanks so much never had them fit so well

Andrew Hoare

My Impact Gumshield is by far the best I've used. It's so comfortable, I forget I'm wearing one.

Daniel KellyKildare GAA

I recently had my own son scanned for a gumshield at Impact. The whole process from start to finish was fantastic. He absolutely loves his new gumshield and I no longer have to worry about him on the pitch. The fit is perfect and stays in his mouth the whole time.

Abigail MoorePaediatric Dentist at The Hermitage

Best decision I ever made switching to Impact Gumshields. Definitely feel the difference when I'm playing.

Neman NedoloMontpellier & Fiji

These gumshields are incredible!! Can't get over how tight they all are. Thanks so much.

AJ MacGintySale Sharks & USA Rugby

About us

Impact was founded by two sports tech enthusiasts in 2013 with the vision to give both amateur and professional athletes the best customised protection possible.

We have expanded to a team of 6 like minded people, with offices across Ireland and the UK. We have plans to roll out Impact into other countries in the upcoming months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

  • To create your 3D printed custom fit gumshield we use state of the art dental imaging technology to take a 3D scan of your mouth
  • Once we have your scan, we run it through our unique gumshield software
  • This process creates a printable 3D gumshield file
  • We then send your file to print on one of our 3D printers
  • Your gumshield is printed with our bespoke 3D plastic filament

How do I order a gumshield?

Republic & Northern Ireland

  • For Individual, club or school bookings in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland contact James on +353(0)85 254 4644 or
  • Or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the website – we will come back to your enquiry within 24hrs

United Kingdom

  • For club or school bookings contact Anthony on +44 (0)78 4366 4116 or
  • Or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the website – we will come back to your enquiry within 24hrs

How long does it take to receive your gumshield?

From the date of your scan, it will be 7-10 working days (depending on seasonal demand) before your gumshield will be ready.

Individuals – For a small additional fee (€5) we can post your gumshield to you

School/Clubs – Your gumshields will be posted back to one pre-agreed location

Why buy a custom fit gumshield?

In order to understand why a custom fit gumshield is the best form of oral protection, we need to compare them against the other types gumshields on the market stock and boil & bite gumshields


  • Are preformed and come ready to wear
  • They are inexpensive and can generally be purchased in sports shops
  • Little can be done to adjust their fit, they are bulky, can make breathing and talking difficult, and they provide limited protection
  • Dentists do not recommend their use


  • Bought in sporting stores and are relatively inexpensive
  • Formed on the teeth with the use of finger, tongues and biting (hence the name)
  • Protection is decreased if bitten too hard while forming
  • Biting in to a single layer Boil & Bite does not offer total teeth coverage which results in inadequate protection
  • Does not create a vacuum fit when formed so it is lose fitting and will fall out when a player speaks or opens his mouth (which usually means it ends up in a player’s pocket or sock!!)
  • Biting into a one size fits all boil & bite can distort the guard and interfere with the tongue which results in restricted breathing


  • Are designed and based on a person’s individual dental scan
  • They offer the best protection against dental and oral injury
  • They offer a more secure and comfortable fit
  • They do not affect a player’s performance i.e. breathing and speech are unaffected when playing
  • The American, British and Irish Dental Association recommends wearing a custom fit gumshield to protect against dental injuries, mouth lacerations and fractures to the upper and lower jaws
  • The American Dental Association also states that wearing a custom fit gumshield reduces the chance of dental injury by at least 50%

Why buy an impact gumshield?

  • All our gumshields are individually engineered from a 3D scan of your mouth
  • With our patent-pending software and 3D printing filament, your gumshield is printed to an accuracy of 100 microns (the width of a human hair) to ensure a perfect fitting gumshield
  • We use our own 3D printing filament that we have developed specifically for the printing of gumshields to ensure the highest levels of protection
  • Based on independent testing our gumshields offer at least 15% more impact absorption than other custom fit gumshields on the market
  • You can choose from one of ten colours for your gumshield

What materials are your gumshields made from?

Our gumshields are made from our unique plastic that we have developed over the past 3 years. The plastic was developed with the sole purpose of offering maximum protection and comfort for anyone who wears our gumshields. The plastic has also been independently tested by AIT (Athlone Institute of Technology) CSID and the test results show that it’s free of toxins and carcinogens.

How do you know your gumshields offer up to 15% more protection then other gumshields?

AIT (Athlone Institute of Technology) CSID in accordance with the American Dental Association standards carried out impact absorption testing on our 3D printed gumshield versus other suppliers of custom fit gumshields. The results  showed  that our gumshield had a minimum of 15% more Impact absorption versus other leading suppliers and went as high as 26% in some cases.

What about shop sold gumshields, aren't they as good?

Definitely not! They are ill-fitting, don’t stay in the mouth and offer little to no protection for athletes who where them.  The clear recommendation of the American, British and Irish Dental Association, is that only custom fitting gumshields should be worn.

How long does a gumshield last?

This varies according to many factors, e.g. growth, usage etc. Normally a growing child would require a new gumshield once a year. Although the teeth and bones may be growing, the gumshields are flexible and can accommodate some movement. Older children and adults may not grow, but the gumshields will wear down with use and should be checked annually.

How do I clean my gumshield?

We recommend using Clean’ners, to keep your gumshield clean. Enter  the promo code IG20 at check out to avail of free P&P. Remember don’t store your gumshield until it is completely dry!

What age are our gumshields suitable for?

As soon as a child has an adult tooth appearing they should be wearing a custom fit gumshield. The average cost of a lost adult tooth over a lifetime is €4,000/£3,500 – €16,000/£14,000.

We have created a custom fit gumshield for children as young as 5 but normally we start making gumshields from age 7 and upward

My child has missing or loose teeth?

No problem. Our technicians automatically check the 3D models for teeth which are yet to erupt and create extra space for the new teeth to erupt in the gumshield file that we print for them.

What colour can I get my gumshield in?

You can choose from one of the following colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Orange

How much does it cost for a 2nd or replacement gumshield?

If you have gotten a scan from us before then the cost of a 2nd or replacement gumshield is only €45 excluding P&P. Please note you can only avail of this offer if we are using your previous scan to produce the gumshield

Contact The Impact Team

At Impact Gumshields, we’re always happy to help. If you have any questions about our products, individual or school/club bookings or anything else, simply give us a call or WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can submit a query using the contact form.


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