Custom Dental Appliances

IMPACT is delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Dr. Anne O’Donnell and Instant Dentist to offer you and your family a range of new dental products.

Our prices are extremely competitive, and by booking through us, you’ll also benefit from the convenience of being scanned in our Goatstown store rather than having to go to the dentist but still have the benefit of having all treatments overseen by Dr O’Donnell and the Instant Dentist team. There are no waiting times for an appointment and the whole process takes less than 15 minutes.

Dr Anne O’Donnell is an experienced dentist and practice owner with over 30 years of experience.  Dr Anne was involved with virtual dental visits, even before the Covid pandemic, and is delighted to introduce the instant dentist,  an online consultation communication app and dental products – to combine online and in surgery visits in a hybrid model.

Through easy and affordable access to private dental care, Instant Dentist is the first dental wellness platform that allows you to manage your dental health in a way you’ve never thought was possible. Prevention and diagnosis from an experienced digital dentist is just a click away.

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Maintain your straighter smile using custom-made removable retainers that will cost you 50% less than the clinic price.

Every day the forces from your jaw muscles, lips, cheeks and tongue push on your teeth, trying to move them out of position. Keep your teeth straight by using rigid resistant retainers and maintain your arch shape in place.

Old retainers can lose their rigidity, meaning your teeth will move, leading to a risk of bacterial contamination.

Includes digital model storage for 24 months in case of reorder.

  • €95    –  Single Retainer (includes retainer case)
  • €180  –  Upper & Lower Arch
  • €250  –  4 retainers (2 sets or 4 single arch)
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Protect your teeth edges from nocturnal damage using a custom-made medical grade teeth grinding splint (nightguard).

Ideal for people that know they clench or grind their teeth at night, and/or if you are getting concerned about your teeth edges breaking, chipping and wearing after grinding night after night.

Includes a free 3D scan appointment at our Goatstown location to accurately capture your current tooth shape, PLUS storage of your 3D model for 24 months in case of reorder.

Sleep soundly, knowing your smile is protected!

  • €120  –  Nightguard (includes case)
  • €200 –  2 Nightguards (for the same arch)
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360 Whitening

Whiten and brighten your teeth safely and effectively while you sleep, with the Advanced 360 Professional Whitening Kit.

Ideal for people who want the naturally whitest smile that’s biologically possible. Designed to deliver results with reduced sensitivity, thanks to its built-in desensitiser, and specially activated gel formulation. As soon as the active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide comes into contact with the tooth surface, it starts to form oxygen free radicals (oxygen bubbles), which penetrate and clean the tooth enamel through tubules. The gentle formula allows for deep break-down of pigmentation within the tooth, resulting in whiter teeth, and a beautifully bright smile!

The package includes all you need to get personalised custom-sealed teeth whitening trays to ensure the best results possible, PLUS a free consultation with Clonskeagh Dental to check for suitability.

To achieve visible and lasting results, the gel should be used for between 7 – 28 consecutive nights, until the desired whiteness is attained. Your advanced whitening kit comes with 2 separate gel tubes. The tubes last for 6 months.

Includes digital model storage for 24 months in case of reorder.

  • €199 (usually €299)  –  Upper and lower Arch trays and whitening kit
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